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Board of Supervisors


The Board of Supervisors is a five member board elected to a four year term by registered voters as representatives of each of the County's five election districts.  The members and the district they represent are noted below.  Current terms will expire December 31, 2019. 

The Board of Supervisors typically meets on the first Thursday of each month, although additional meetings are scheduled as necessary.  Regularly scheduled meetings are held in the General District Courtroom, 45 School Street, at 7:00 pm.

At their meeting on January 2, 2014, the Surry County Board of Supervisors adopted a Strategic Action Agenda to prioritize future actions of the Board.  Click here, for a copy of the Strategic Action Agenda.

For more information about the Board of Supervisors, their meetings, contacting them or requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), click here; or contact the Surry County Administrative Office.




Board of Supervisors 2016

 (Left to Right above: Supervisor Michael Drewry; Supervisor Giron Wooden, Sr.;
Supervisor Kenneth Holmes; Supervisor John Seward; Supervisor Judy Lyttle;
and Mr. Tyrone Franklin, County Administrator.)

Judy S. Lyttle, Chairperson 
Bacon's Castle District



Michael H. Drewry, Vice-Chair
Dendron District


John M. Seward
Surry District


Giron R. Wooden, Sr.
Claremont District
 Kenneth R. Holmes
Carsley District




Consider for Immediate Action (90 to 120 Days)
Draft and adopt a fiscal policy for Surry County.
Institute quarterly Board of Supervisors work sessions.
Develop fact sheets for major policy issues facing Surry County for county residents and the media.
Develop and adopt a Board of Supervisors’ Code of Performance.
Place a Chairman’s message on the county’s website on a quarterly basis.
Actions to Consider for Fiscal Year 14 (July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014)
Update the Surry County comprehensive plan.  (18 month time frame.)
Sponsor a forum on the future to secure citizen input about the kind of future residents want for Surry County.
Sponsor a Surry County Community Planning Academy to help citizens learn about county planning and zoning issues.
Craft an economic development strategy for Surry County.  (To be completed in concert with the Comprehensive Plan update.)
Develop a water and sewer service plan and road improvement plan for Surry County.  (To be completed in concert with the Comprehensive Plan.)
Actions to Consider for Fiscal Year 14 and/or 15 
Sponsor a Surry County Local Government Academy to help citizens learn about their county government.
Develop a 10 year Surry County CIP forecast inclusive of revenue and financing options.
Develop a five year revenue and expenditure forecast for Surry County.
Conduct an efficiency and effectiveness audit of county services and programs.
Actions to Consider for Fiscal Year 15 and Beyond 
Establish a business retention and expansion program to support county businesses.
Establish a business policy council to assist in identifying Surry County’s probable commercial, business and technology support needs.
Develop a tourism strategy for Surry County.
Explore options for delivering county services and programs in collaboration with one or more localities to stretch county funds.


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The Surry County Board of Supervisors would like residents in the community to be aware of available resources as they consider enrollment in the Affordable Care Act.  Interested citizens may contact the Department of Social Services at 294-5240 or Mrs. Christy Davis, Outreach & Enrollment Director and Certified Application Counselor for Horizon Health Services, Inc. (Surry Medical Center)  Mrs. Davis can be reached by calling (757) 899-0788.  Callers do not have to be patients of Surry Medical Center.  Click here, for more information. 




NACo Rx Card

For information about the National Association of Counties Prescription Discount Card Program, click here.





For a link to the VDOT Board of Supervisors Manual, click here.    


Surry County Board of Supervisors By-Laws, adopted February 2, 2017.