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Animal License Information

Effective July 1, 2007, any veterinarian providing a rabies vaccination to a dog in the State of Virginia is required to notify the Treasurer's Office.  If the dog's owner has not purchased a dog license previously, the owner will receive notification from the Treasurer that a tag must be acquired within 90 days. 

Dog Tag Prices

Male & Female (Sexed)


Male & Female (Unsexed)

$  5.00

Kennel for 20 or less dogs


Kennel for 21 to 50 dogs



Dog licenses go on sale on November 1st and must be renewed annually by January 31st or within 90 days following vaccination. Fees apply to all dogs age 4 months and older.  Individuals are not allowed to vaccinate their own dogs.  Proof of rabies vaccination is required; a rabies certificate must be presented from a licensed veterinarian.  Proof that a dog has been spayed or neutered is required if the rabies certificate does not provide this information.  To purchase a kennel tag the individual must have a minimum of 5 dogs and all dogs must be in a kennel.