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Prepayment of Taxes

Tax Payers who are current on their real estate and/or Personal Property Taxes can make prepayments on their upcoming tax bills. Citizens may pay any amount at any time toward the forthcoming bill. When the bills are mailed payments will appear as credits, on your bill. Citizens may even pay the bill in its entirety long before the due date.  If you have questions, please call the Treasurer's Office.

If personal property taxes are not paid by the due date of December 5th each year, citizens will be in jeopardy of certain delinquent tax collections. Consequences for delinquent personal property taxes are DMV Holds placed on individual DMV accounts (this limits the transactions that can be made through DMV), Debt Setoff (this allows the Virginia Department of Taxation to withhold state income tax refunds for lack of tax payment).  Other collection options that can occur are car tire booting and wage liens.

If real estate taxes are delinquent for more than two years with no consistent attempt to pay them, the account may be submitted to a Collection Attorney. At that time, accounts will be subject to additional fees assessed by the attorney. Payment agreements may be made in the Treasurer's Office. Please call the Treasurer's Office for more information on payment agreements.